Bucket List

More than just a list

What’s on your bucket list?

I was having a chat with a friend the other day when I realised my definition of bucket list and hers varied quite a bit!

Sure, we have the same basic idea that a bucket list is some fun things we want to do. But I got the feeling chatting with my friend that her bucket list is filled with things she’d love to do but doubts will ever happen. How do you define your bucket list?

If it’s on my bucket list, I’m doing it!

You see if I say something’s on my bucket list, I’m doing this thing, I just haven’t set a date for it. To me a bucket list is like planning the highlights real of my life. And when my days are up and my life flashes before my eyes, these are the scenes I’ll see.

One of the things that’s been on my bucket list for a while is to go back to Paris. About three years ago I made the decision – I’m going up the Eiffel Tower on my fiftieth birthday. This is now well and truly on the planning list because I turn fifty in 2018. And just for a bit of fun I added in a little stint in Italy prior to the big day.

Seeing the Cherry Blossoms in Japan had been on the list a while, and it finally come to pass in April of last year.

I love to have something to look forward to. And the thought of traveling makes my heart sing.

What does your future look like?

If your to-do-list is just a bunch of boring mundane things that don’t excite or inspire you, it’s time for some things to change! On my to-do-list right now is to plan the itinerary and accommodation for Italy and Paris; exciting indeed.

Do you have a bucket list?

If you don’t have one and are not sure where to start, here’s some questions to prompt you:

  • What would you do if time and money were no object? (a hint to where your passions lie)
  • What did you want to be when you grew up? Perhaps a career change is in order?
  • What would you like to achieve? (I ticked off my uni degree last year, never too late)
  • Where would you like to visit and who would you go with?
  • Is there a sport you want to conquer? Hike a mountain or run a marathon?
  • Would you like to volunteer, locally or overseas?
  • Would you like to start a charity to help the underprivileged?
  • Want to seek out your ancestry? And perhaps visit where they lived?
  • Do you want to plan a surprise for a friend or family member?
  • Want to learn a musical instrument, a foreign language or some other skill?
  • Is there a craft or hobby you want to try?
  • A book you want to read or a movie you want to see?
  • Maybe you want to own a pet?

Think about what you want to do, see or feel in your life…

A bucket list doesn’t have to be about travel and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

One of the things I seriously need to tick off my bucket list this year is eating an acai bowl and I can do that for a few bucks at any good café.

And sometimes a bucket list can change. Hey that’s the beauty of it, it’s your list, you add or remove stuff at will. And sometimes the things you want will change. I always wanted to live and work in a foreign speaking country, then I figured I was too old for that. Until one day a friend said to me, “perhaps you won’t do it how you would’ve at twenty but that’s not to say it can’t happen.” She was right, my bucket list now includes ‘to volunteer in a foreign speaking country.’

Now it’s your turn…

Tell me what’s on your bucket list? What have you ticked off your list? Or maybe there was something on your bucket list many years ago that you wish you had done? Scroll down and leave a comment below.


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