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About ME

Hi I’m Dianne, the creator of ME TIME MATTERS, a blog intended to empower women to put themselves first – giving them permission to take timeout to enjoy the things they love.

If you love travel, yoga, being pampered or filling up on nutritious food (think acai bowls, green smoothies and all day breakfasts) you’re in the right place. Expect ME TIME inspiration wrapped up with a good dose of encouragement to find what makes your heart sing.

I don’t make any claims of being a blogger guru, I just love to explore and share the things I discover. I rediscovered my passion for writing while completing my uni degree (I graduated with a Bachelor of Communications – Media Studies in 2016). I love to write, I love to travel and I love to learn. So, I decided to start this blog!


Because along the way I realised that I was worthy of putting myself first. And I wanted to shout that to the world because I knew I wasn’t alone when it came to putting the needs of others before my own. And it just happened to fit all my passions very nicely under one blogging banner.

My passion for travel started at a very young age. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it started the moment I was born! The daughter of a contract truck driver, I was born in Darwin, Northern Territory. A short while after, we were on the road again… and so the story began and so it continues.

Everything reverts back to travel, the reason I work is to travel. I plan escapes before I plan anything else. I stalk my friends Facebook profiles when they’re on vacation so I can live vicariously through them. Anything to get my travel fix.

My passion for healthy food came out of a diagnosis of a rare, genetic disease. I figured I needed to keep my body as healthy as possible if I wanted to keep traveling. My philosophy around food is simple – eat as close to nature as possible, but it has to taste good too.

I also stumbled across yoga on my journey to good health and discovered it’s addictive. Am I good at it – no. Can I twist myself up like a pretzel – kind of. Can I do headstands – hell no! (a quick edit here, in 2017 I did learn to do headstands and like all things in life, it’s easy when you know how) But I love it all the same.

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Much love